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Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant. -  Robert Louis Stevenson.

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so as we approach 2012, how did 2011 pan out for you.

did you find yourself on track?.. or was the stresses Globally overwhelming - impacting on you in a variety of ways.


When we face a challenge rather than become overwhelmed, try to break it down into a number of smaller problems. then tackle any one of them - one at a time!.

soon you will start to see some forward movement as you clear the track, for a smooth path in front of you.


Please remember, everyone faces challenges. perhaps different to your own, but it is part of our journey to be tested, to re think how we approach life. That is growth.


I welcome talking to you to assist you to manage your life, so that you feel in control, so that you feel you are achieving and becoming more empowered each and every day. 


Personal Coaching is a way to realise your true potential, through a process of uncovering and then eliminating demotivating, inappropriate thought and behavioural patterns in your life.  This process is conducted in a supportive, caring and inspirational safe environment where you and your coach interact harmoniously. Targeted but gentle encouragement allows you to make those changes you intuitively know must occur.  You and your Coach decide together at what pace you move forward.


The real power of effective coaching lies in the ability of a highly-skilled Coach to allow you to discover within yourself those thoughts, feelings and attitudes you never realised existed. I tease out those subtle elements which have been creating disharmony within you.  This enables you to crystalise your thoughts so that you now understand how certain negative thought and behaviour patterns can paralyze your personal development. Once you more clearly see the significance of these past experiences and attitudes, together we can map out a plan for moving toward your desired goals.

Such a solution-focused approach is an empowering experience; moreso, it is an exhilarating experience to know that you have within you the power to change and become the person you have always dreamed you could be. The many techniques you will learn throughout the coaching experience provides you with the tools that will make lasting changes in all areas of your life.




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